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Finley Gaio

«Four runs, three jumps, three throws and I am the happiest person on earth.»

— Finley Gaio

«Finley is always highly focused on training. He manages, however, to combine having a good time while being a top-level athlete.»

— Coach of Finley Gaio

«Even as a child, he was a great team player but he also always wanted to be the best.»

— Mother of Finley Gaio

My Successes and Ambitions

My main goal this season is to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris. I've been dreaming of an Olympic medal for many years. With every training and every competition, I get closer to this goal. In future seasons, I want to take part in as many European and World Championships as I can.


– Vice Swiss Champion 60m hurdles
– 8’022 points at the Hypo Meeting in Götzis
– Vice Swiss Champion 110m hurdles


– Swiss Champion in Decathlon in Kreuzlingen
– Vice Swiss Champion in Heptathlon
– Vice Swiss Champion 60m hurdles
– 1st place at the Combined Events Tour 2022 in Borås
– 5th place at the Combined Events Challenge 2022


– Swiss Champion 60m hurdles
– «Rookie of the Year» in Götzis
– Vice Swiss Champion 110m hurdles
– Swiss Champion U23 110m hurdles
– Vice Swiss Champion U23 long jump
– 6th place in 110m hurdles at the Diamond League Final

Image of Finley Gaio doing sportsImage of Finley Gaio doing sports

My Sponsors

Together, we can achieve great things. Thanks to the generous support and great collaborations with my sponsors, our vision will come true.

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The magical 5 metres

The Götzis Meeting 2024 is over. As always there was a lot of excitement for this event, unfortunately, I wasn't able to deliver all my top performances this weekend. Still, I was super happy because I passed the magic mark of 5 metres in the pole vault for the first time. Another strong improvement, and now it’s back to training with the focus on the Olympic Games in Paris.

Sunny Santa Barbara

In January, I was invited to train with Damian Warner in sunny Santa Barbara, California. Is was a great and inspiring experience, with many hours of sunshine. Warner won gold in the decathlon at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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8022 POINTS!

At this year's meeting in Götzis, I finally exceeded the magical limit of 8000 points. I have to admit that not everything went smoothly during the competition, but the result was incredibly satisfying. It makes me enthusiastic about the rest of the season.

Finley jumping


Join me on my road to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.


European Athletics Championships in Rome
7-12 Jun.
Ratingen Mehrkampf-Meeting 2024
22-23 Jun.
Schweizer Meisterschaften in Winterthur
28./29. Jun.
Olympic Games in Paris
1-11 Aug.
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